Join us for WKA style kart racing on our 1/8th mile clay oval track! We provide racing action for the whole family from 5 years old and up. Bring your Gas or Alcohol fueled kart for great racing action and pure family fun!

Arthur Raceway is located mile south of the intersection of M-15 and M-81; behind DHT (Dave Hausbeck Trucking) For more information call Dave Hausbeck at 989-759-2010 Ext. 102

 If you are having problems not being able to access the track talk section, please email your user name to   Alana will help you get this all set up. 


Our 2016 season schedule. 

8/27 - Regular race (Flathead 50 Money Race)

9/3   - off

9/10 - Chase Race #1

9/17 - Chase Race #2

9/24 - Chase Race #3

10/1 - Chase Race #4 (Championship Night)

10/8 - make up date

**Must race half the races to qualify for mid-season championship points and half season to qualify for the Chase. 

Classes will be as follows:

Rookie (5-8 years old) - no weight rule. flathead on purple plate alcohol, clone on green plate with wienie pipe and gas, Animal on purple plate. 

Purple Plate Clone (8-11 years old).  250 lbs weight. Weenie pipe only.

Gold/Blue Plate (12-14 years old).  Clone on blue plate with big pipe on gas 315 lbs.  Animal on gold plate, alcohol 300 lbs. 

Clone Master (15 & up). AKRA clone with big pipe on gas. 360 lbs

Adult Animal (15 & up). Alcohol 360 lbs

Flathead Gas. (15 & up). WKA rules. 360lbs.

Flathead Alcohol. (15 & up). WKA rules.  360 lbs

Open class. (15 & up). 360 lbs

Cage class. (15 & up)

This is what we have to share. All scoring will be done with our new RFID system this year also. All parents will need to supply proof of child's age for racing at start of the season.  Complete rules package will be available at the swap meet.  In speaking with Owosso MotorSports Park we have also decided to utilize the 2015 AKRA rules as well so this will be the same at both tracks. 


Any racing questions please contact Jeff Skias 989-213-1270.                                                                                                                       




2015 Season Class Champions 
Rookie  -  Aiden Forster
Purple Clone -  Brennan Osborn

Gold/Blue Plate -  Zach Lehotan

Raptor Gas -  Shelby Archambeau

Clone - Ryan Kazmerski

Animal Alky -  Raven Shelters

Cage -  Andy Shelters

Open - Dave Raymond

Money Race Winners 2015

6/13 Animal Alcohol -  Ryan Kazmerski
7/16 Clone Clash -  Ryan Kazmerski
8/13 Flathead 50 -  



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